Sonic Retro - Nexus of Sonic research and engineering on the internet.

Wiibrew - The best resource on the web for homebrew apps on the wii.

Polycount - One of the finer resources for 3d/2d digital artwork, specifically for video games.

CodeMii - A Wii programming website run by Teknekal, this is a great place to start wii programming. The beginner's tutorials helped me learn alot.

Sonicfreak94's sepwich A multi-faceted gaming site, there are forums and topics for lots of sadx related things, such as object layouts.

DXX-Rebirth is a source port of the video game Descent, released by Parallax in 1995. The port includes several new features and allows the game to be run on modern PCs

The SADX hacking topic


MainMemory's page


Endri's Youtube Channel